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How Can I Connect My Sprint Phone To Metropcs: A Complete Solution

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MetroPCS, a low-cost mobile service provider, provides users and potential customers with flashing services. Cell phone flashing is the process of deleting one mobile service provider’s programming and replacing it with that another. MetroPCS puts its own software on the handset using a USB cord and specialist software. The company then connects the smartphone to the network, allowing you to utilize it on the MetroPCS network.

Step 1

From your computer’s web browser, log in to your Sprint PCS account. Then, under “My Online Tools,” select “Sprint Mobile Sync.” Open the Contacts Exporter program. Give the backup file a name and save it to your computer’s hard drive.

Step 2

Find the MetroPCS shop that is closest to you. Bring your Sprint PCS phone with you to the store. Explain that you’d like to move from Sprint PCS to MetroPCS and that your phone has to be flashed and enabled. Pay the costs that come with it.

Step 3

If available, press “@MetroBACKUP” from the new programming on your phone. To create a new account, simply follow the on-screen instructions. From your computer’s web browser, log in to your MetroPCS account.

Step 4

Use the import contacts application to get started. Follow the on-screen prompts, which include locating and uploading the backup file you prepared in Step 1 to your account. To synchronize your freshly uploaded contacts with your phone’s address book, go to the web browser and click “Update Phone.”

Step 5

To cancel your Sprint PCS account, call Sprint PCS. Depending on your account status, cancellation fees may differ.


Some of the MetroPCS features may not work on your newly flashed cell phone, depending on the phone model. Contact MetroPCS customer service if you have any questions about what features will and won’t be available to you after flashing and activating your phone.

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