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Facebook Shutting Down Its Nearby Friends Service

Facebook is moving forward and for this, it has to close some of its functions that, at the time, caused talk. Specifically, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg has decided to put an end to Nearby Friends, or Nearby Friends, a service that provided notifications to users when one of their contacts was close to them.

This tool, which began its journey in 2014, has its days numbered, since it will no longer be able to be used at the end of May, specifically on May 31.

In fact, Facebook has begun to send notifications to its users about the suspension of this service, as reported by 9toMac.

But Facebook is not alone in this change, but there are other services that will also disappear. Thus, weather alerts and location history will also end at the end of May. Of course, users will be able to access and download the location history until next August 1, but after that date, the app will delete all data.

Meta has also explained that users’ location data will continue to be collected to deliver other experiences, but anyone who wants to disable this feature can do so in the app’s privacy settings.

Facebook thus continues to work for a future that focuses on the metaverse, especially since the company left its name behind and began to be called Meta. Facebook also came up with the latest features, now Facebook Messenger Launches Text Commands To Send Messages To An Entire Group Chat easily. Chatting become more convenient.

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