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Most Popular Food Delivery Apps In the USA

Dining out has evolved into dining in with the convenience of internet meal delivery. Food delivery applications have made eating out more convenient by allowing us to do so from the comfort of our own homes. As a result of the growing number of meal delivery applications in the United States, the food delivery market has exploded. By 2023, it is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 9.9%.

Businesses are utilizing this rich market opportunity as customers embrace food delivery applications. To meet the changing wants of the public, they are creating meal delivery applications with unique value propositions.

Which are the best food delivery apps in the USA?

We’ll learn more about the top ten food delivery apps in the United States, as well as their specific niches. If you’re a food business owner who wants to develop a food delivery app, you may work with a food delivery app development company to make your concept a reality.


Seamless began as a food ordering website in 1999 and has now evolved into a full-fledged food delivery hub with an app and more. It is one of the most widely used food ordering apps in the United States. It is also one of the town’s oldest players.

Seamless, a popular food delivery service has its headquarters in New York City, USA. Food delivery and takeout are currently available in over 600 cities.

Seamless and Grubhub announced a merger in 2013, with Seamless owning 58 percent of the stock and Grubhub owning 42 percent.

Seamless now has over a million users on Google Play and over 700,000 on the Apple App Store. Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the brand has been taking the required delivery safeguards.


  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App

So, if you’re looking for the most popular food delivery app in my area and want to create a smooth food delivery app, the cost will range from USD 10,000 to USD 55,000, based on the top food delivery app features.

On its app, Seamless has thousands of cafes and restaurants, the majority of which do not charge a delivery fee. Customers may follow orders in real-time and look for restaurants based on cuisines or menu items. It does, however, only offer 25 different cuisines, which are nearly identical to those offered by Grubhub.


GrubHub is an online and mobile platform for food order pickup and delivery. It also has corporate plans for those who want to use the food delivery service for work.

There are roughly 20 million active users and 115,000 eateries linked with it. Google Play has almost ten million active users. GrubHub and Seamless Food Delivery App merged in 2013, and the announcement was publicized in 2013. It is offered in over 3000 cities across the United States and London.

Latest Grubhub key statistics

Grubhub made $1.8 billion in revenue in 2020, up 39% from the previous year.

In 2020, Grubhub recorded a financial loss of $155 million, its largest since going public in 2013.

According to businessofapps.com, Grubhub had 31.4 million active users in 2020, who used the app at least once a month.


  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App

Depending on the features and skills included in the application, the cost of designing the latest meal delivery or food ordering application will range from USD 10,000 to USD 40,000.

Let’s talk about the users: there are roughly 7 million Grubhub iOS store users and approximately 10 million+ Grubhub Playstore users.

GrubHub has strictly adhered to the Covid-19 delivery measures in order to protect their favorite individuals and followers from dangerous infections.

It’s one of the most widely used food delivery applications in the United States. Grubhub operates in over 1,100 cities, providing local meal delivery and restaurant takeout from over 50,000 restaurants. It is the fifth most popular meal delivery app in the United States. It allows users to search for their preferred cuisine and then order from restaurant menus depending on their search results.

With a unique search method, the app offers over 50,000 eateries to pick from. Grubhub users can order food up to four days ahead of time. Basic features include PayPal integration, Android Pay, ratings, and basic search, among others.

Uber Eats

With over 4.5 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019, UberEats is the second most popular app in the United States. It has over 500 cities covered, including Los Angeles and Chicago, and is noted for its ease of use and browsing. UberEats, which got its start with the Uber cab app, allows customers to order food using their Uber profile. The software is not only for big cities but also for rural places.

UberEats normally charges a 10% delivery fee with a $5 minimum order and offers discount codes for consumers’ favorite cafes. It accepts a delivery from both restaurants and grocery stores. It also allows consumers to filter results based on ethnicity, dietary restrictions, cuisine type, new on UberEats, and popularity near you.

Uber Eats is a popular food ordering app in the United States, similar to how on-demand taxi booking app development is well-known in the transportation industry. It provides full menus from nearby eateries and restaurants, with the option of having the food delivered right to the user’s door. It is one of the most widely used meal delivery apps in the United States.

Uber Eats is an American food ordering service, similar to the on-demand taxi booking app.

It provides full menus from nearby eateries and restaurants, with the option of having the food delivered right to the user’s door. It is one of the most widely used food ordering apps in the United States.

UberEats is currently available in more than 6,000 cities and 24 countries around the world as of 2022. Because of the pandemic, the company is taking extra precautions to safeguard its clients and drivers from the virus.


  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Provider/Restaurant App

UberEats will have 50 million+ users on the iOS store by 2020, and about 100 million users on the Google Playstore. The cost of developing an app like UberEats ranges from $10,000 to $40,000, depending on the features and skills required.


A food delivery app that finds its use case is able to transport anything from over 10,000 retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, and other locations. Available in over 3,000 cities throughout all 50 states in the United States. Because the app does not work with eateries, users are limited to order based on their location.

Postmates charges a delivery fee for each order, which increases during peak hours and is referred to as Blitz pricing. It also offers a Plus Unlimited package for $10 per month that includes free delivery from a select number of businesses and restaurants; however, the minimum order must be greater than $15.

Postmates, which began as a logistics and on-demand delivery network, is now also a mobile app. Its business approach is similar to that of its competitors, but it prides itself on on-time deliveries, which users like.

Postmates, an American food delivery app, operates in over 4000 cities across the United States. On July 6th, 2020, it was announced that Uber would purchase Postmates for USD 2.65 billion. To summarise, Postmates is offered in each of the United States of America’s 50 cities.

Postmates currently has over 10 million users on the Google Play store and over 5 million users on the Apple iOS store. So, similar to apps like Ubereats or Postmates, the cost of developing a meal delivery app will be between $10,000 and $55,000.

Features of the app:

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App


Doordash is the most popular meal delivery app in the United States. It may be found in over 1200 cities in the United States and Canada. With over 7 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019, it is the most downloaded app in the United States. The app boasts of having the largest selection of restaurant chains and over 110,000 menus.

Customers can obtain a DashPass subscription for $9.99 per month and get free deliveries and lower shipping costs. The scoring system is what sets this software distinct. Users can assess restaurants based on characteristics including popularity, delivery time, and customer feedback. Customers can use the scoring system to locate the highest-quality eateries in their neighborhood. Users can also follow their meal deliveries in real-time.

DoorDash does not have a minimum order quantity, however, it does have a hefty service fee that increases during peak hours. Despite this, consumers enjoy using the app because of the quick delivery, real-time tracking, and high-quality service.

It is a community-driven delivery powerhouse in the local area. In the year 2013, the company began operations. In terms of market share and valuation, DoorDash surpassed UberEats in the first quarter of 2019. It is one of the most well-known meal delivery app companies, with a market capitalization of USD 16 billion.

The company’s food delivery service is available in more than 800 cities across the United States. During the Covid-19 outbreak, DoorDash implemented ‘contactless’ delivery to ensure that both their drivers and customers had a safe delivery experience.

Features of the app:

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App

DoorDash currently has over 10 million users on Google Play and 8.9 million on the Apple App Store. The cost of establishing a full-fledged DoorDash-style personalized meal delivery system will range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the features, aspects, and AI technologies used.


This food delivery app, which is similar to Postmates, is available in over 100 cities across the United States and allows users to order groceries, food, booze, and even dry cleaning services. The app does not charge any fees; however, the restaurant may charge a delivery fee or impose a minimum order requirement.

Every order on Delivery.com earns consumers points that may be redeemed for a discount or free delivery. The software makes it easy for users to navigate by categorizing everything and recommending restaurants or meals based on the user’s previous orders.


Instacart is the app to use if you need groceries delivered on the same day. Everything is brought to you within an hour if you have a grocery list and the app. The delivery price is approximately $6 for each item, and the app also provides a year-long subscription for $150.

Apart from groceries, Instacart also delivers booze and other household supplies, as well as offers users discount vouchers. Overall, Instacart is one of the most effective grocery delivery apps available.


GoPuff is a snack, ice cream, drink, phone charger, and similar goods delivery app that is available in over 80 cities across the United States. It’s more of a digital convenience shop with a large presence in US cities in the Midwest and South.

GoPuff charges a $2 delivery fee, which appears to be a fair price. Customers may use the app to search for products by name or brand, as well as create a wish list of items they might like to acquire again in the future. It also allows you to preorder things and have them delivered fresh at a specific time.


In comparison to other food delivery applications, ChowNow operates in a unique way. It provides restaurants with digital capabilities that allow them to receive orders directly on their website while clients order through the app. Customers can use it to find restaurants depending on their area or the cuisine they prefer.

ChowNow is offered in a number of US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, and Seattle, among others. Because the app collects fees from restaurants, the delivery fee will vary depending on the restaurant from which the order is placed.


Caviar is another meal delivery app in the United States that allows clients to order food from a variety of restaurants. It is available in more than 20 locations across the country. The app focuses on high-end restaurants as well as small-town eateries.

Caviar’s delivery fees vary depending on the distance between the customer’s location and the restaurant and can cost up to 18% of the total order. The app provides free delivery on the first purchase, allows users to customize their orders, and allows users to follow their goods in real-time.

Eat 24

Eat 24 serves food 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as the name implies. This app’s entire concept is to deliver food all of the time. Eat 24 has teamed up with a number of eateries and cafés across the country to provide food late at night. You’ll notice an automated coupon system that gives you the best deals on your food because the app has connected with establishments. You can also tailor the search to identify specific cuisines or fast food chains. There are numerous Android Meals Delivery Apps, however, no one delivers food at night. Eat 24 is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Munchery is a hugely popular app that delivers food and meal kits at the same time. To be more specific, this app allows you to order freshly prepared meals in advance. As a result, you’ll pay less for a fresh supper. Munchery is a commission-free app that requires a $9 monthly subscription. However, because this app is a self-contained delivery service, there is a limited selection of cafes and restaurants. The interesting aspect is that they vary the menu every day to give their guests something fresh to try. You can even order dinner up to a week in advance. Every day, all of these modifications are made within the application. Munchery has a highly qualified Android App Development team behind its user-friendly application.

Ordering food at home is very convenient for every citizen of the USA. Mobilesly Tips has also compiled a list of the best online shopping apps In the USA through which you can get order your stuff at home.


What food delivery app is most popular in the USA?

  • GrubHub
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • Seamless
  • Postmates
  • goPuff Delivery
  • Eat 24
  • Munchery

Is zomato available in USA?

A month after listing on Indian stock exchanges, Zomato has liquidated and closed up its step-down business in the United States. New Delhi: A month after listing on the Indian stock exchanges, Zomato Ltd. has liquidated and closed up its step-down subsidiary in the United States.

Is there Deliveroo in USA?

Deliveroo is a British online meal delivery service launched in 2013 in London, England by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It has approximately 200 sites in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

How can I deliver food in the USA?

  1. Grubhub
  2. DoorDash
  3. Seamless
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Instacart
  6. Caviar
  7. Postmates
  8. ChowNow

What is the biggest food delivery company in US?

In 2018, Grubhub had the highest share of the US meal delivery business, accounting for 34% of the total. Uber Eats, a competitor, has the second-largest market share, with 24 percent, and is expected to increase to 3% by 2022.

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