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Youtube Shorts Allow You To Use Other Videos As Wallpapers

YouTube knows that the future is in short videos and, following the example of the quintessential short video platform, TikTok has introduced new creation features for YouTube Shorts users. From now on, YouTube Shorts users will be able to use the “green screen”, a kind of chroma screen to be able to include videos or background images as well as your own image, in the purest professional style.

Of course, YouTube is currently implementing this new feature on iOS devices, and the company has promised that it will be available to other users in the coming months.

YouTube has explained in a statement that with the green screen you can use any YouTube video as a background for another short original video. Users will have the option of being able to use the video silently or also include it with the original audio. But they can also use any photo or video from their own gallery.

Those interested will only have to go to the “create” section and the “green screen” option that is found in the options menu below the video you are watching or even click on the three dots menu in the video player. Youtube Shorts and select “green screen”. 

Youtube has indicated that the maximum duration with which they can create these videos is 60 seconds.

Similarly, the company has reported that any video created with Green Screen will be attributed to the original creator with a link within the Shorts player so that the creator’s content can be discovered more easily.

In the event that a user decides that they do not want their creations to be shared by this method, they can always indicate it. Youtube has added that music videos or original videos with visual teasers are not eligible to be included as wallpaper.

Youtube Shorts has more than 30,000 million visits a day, which represents an increase of four times compared to last year.

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