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How To Delete Purchase History On iPhone

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has dominated the smartphone market. Although you might not always require them, the iPhone is renowned for its high quality and durability. It also makes it simple for you to acquire apps from the Apple Store and maintain a record of your purchases.

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By hiding or removing the apps from the App Store or iCloud on the phone, or by logging into your iTunes account on a Mac, you can erase the purchase history on your iPhone.

Many users have trouble erasing the purchase history on their iPhone. If you belong to that group, this manual is ideal for you.

When Do You Need To Delete Your iPhone History?

In general, you ought to delete your iPhone history if the device isn’t in use anymore or when the storage starts to slow down your phone.

A smaller quantity of data is saved on your phone and more room is available for apps and other activities when the iPhone purchase history is deleted. Additionally, it protects the phone’s security and eliminates the need to memorize passwords and other details.

Additionally, you might be among those who have set up a family sharing account on their iPhone so that members of the family can share subscriptions and whereabouts. You could wish to keep a specific app or subscription hidden from them, though.

Deleting Purchase History on iPhone

On an iPhone, deleting the purchase history is a rather simple process. However, you must understand how to complete the process flawlessly. Our detailed instructions will lead you using simple techniques that are enjoyable to read.

Therefore, you have three options if you want to remove your transaction history after making a purchase from the Apple Store.

Method #1: Using iPhone App Store

With this technique, you can use your iPhone’s App Store account to hide an app’s purchase history.

  • On your iPhone, launch the App Store, and then tap on your avatar in the top right corner.
  • Find and launch “Purchased.”
  • Find the app you wish to hide under “All.”
  • On the app, swipe your finger from right to left.
  • When you tap the “Hide” button, the app’s history is deleted from your iPhone

Method #2: Using iTunes on Mac

In the second approach, you must first use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac computer before you can access your iTunes account and wipe the transaction history.

  • Access iTunes Store by choosing App Store on your PC.
  • Now select Purchased by clicking on your Account (Family Purchases, if you have a family account).
  • Locate the programmed you want to use, then select Delete History.

To conceal the Delete History option if you can’t find it, hit the (x) button in the top left corner of the app. In the end, this will also remove the app history.

Method #3: Using iCloud

Additionally, you can delete the transaction history on your iPhone using your iCloud account.

  • Activate your iPhone.
  • In the top right corner of the Settings App, tap on your username.
  • Select your iPhone from the list of devices under Manage storage> Backups.
  • Next, pick Show All Apps under Data to Back Up.
  • Locate the app you wish to remove, then tap the switch to turn it off.
  • Last but not least, select Turn Off & Delete to remove any associated data from iCloud.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get your purchase history back once you remove it.

How Do I See My Apple Purchase History?

You must be logged into the Apple account used to make the purchase in order to access your iPhone’s transaction history.

Visit Settings > Username > Media and Purchases > Purchase History after that. Your recent purchases will now be displayed. The time is set to 90 days by default; you may alter it by clicking on it and choosing a different time frame.


We’ve covered three fast fixes in this article on how to remove purchase history on iPhone, including concealing an app and deleting data using your iCloud or iTunes account. Also covered were the reasons why should delete your history and how to see it on an iPhone.

We hope you will find this information to be very helpful and that it won’t be difficult for you to examine or remove your buy or transaction history. You can now hide your records from someone or free up some space on your iPhone.

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