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TikTok Giving Permissions To Users To Post Stories

The TikTok social network is beginning to take the example of others, and not the other way around, as has happened with its great rivals. And it is that the platform is expanding its Stories format to users, that content format that lasts only 24 hours and ends up disappearing.

This new feature, which follows in the footsteps of WhatsApp statuses or Instagram Stories, was in testing last summer, but it seems that its pilot is being expanded by a group of users, although not all.

These TikTok stories follow the Instagram model since it is content that lasts only one day and is automatically deleted at the end of that time. It can be viewed by navigating to a user’s profile and clicking on their profile picture.

Content creators will be able to know how many people have viewed their story, but unlike Instagram, they won’t be able to know who viewed it. Of course, it will differ from its rival in the fact that you can like a story and even leave a public comment, something that is restricted in Instagram Stories, which only allows comments through a message. private.

To post a story on TikTok, users just need to go to the “post” button in the bottom center navigation bar of the app. From there, you’ll be able to navigate to a camera mode that will allow you to post a photo or video to the story. 

These videos will have the same creation options as regular TikTok videos, allowing you to reply to comments or use filters, among other things.

A TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch that “we are currently expanding a pilot, which gives creators additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community.”

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